Features Overview

Your portrait session is yours to do with any way you see fit, and I am more than happy to help you plan your shoot so you get the most out of the session and enjoy the whole experience. Some examples of how you can use your session. 

  • Couples
  • Family
  • Engagement
  • Holiday
  • You & your Pets
  • Modelling Portfolio's
  • Multiplicity Photography

A great portrait is one that captures the soul of a person or the emotion of the moment. I enjoy portrait photography as I get a chance to capture the type of person you are (or would like to be) in an image. The family photo down at the local park. Portraiture is wide and varied but in its simplest terms it is people photography, and I just can't get enough of taking pictures of people, be it glamour, family or another style you can think of... 

Turnaround time: 
I promise to have your photos ready for you quickly. While I don't give an exact time frame, the average turnaround time is 24 hours for the web gallery. This may not be important to you, but is certainly something to consider.

Premium Service: 
I am passionate about my service and you will be glad you chose SM Photography. I will help you carefully plan your portrait session so you get the most out of your photography. My promise to you is that you'll be proudly showing off your photos to all your friends and family and raving about me, word of mouth goes a long ways.

Basic Post-Processing:
includes blemish, mole "if requested" removal.

Click here to view before & after shots of previously edited photos of basic & advanced editing.

I can shoot at your preferred location or I would be happy to suggest a suitable location for you and the style of photos you are after. 

When applicable “out of town travel", the CLIENT is responsible for all travel, accommodation, meal and transport costs.

(Where applicable) all travel expenses are based on the distance between the EVENT location(s) and the photographer’s home address. All miles in excess of 20 miles round trip are charged at 0.45 cents per mile.

For best results, any type of photography should be done either an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. The suns low position in the sky cast a gorgeous warm light as well as picks up anything in the air that makes for a striking photo.

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